Food, feminism, diversity, & emotional sensitivity:
A Study in Gratitude


About Me

My name is Valerie Lang, but you can call me Val. I graduated from Moore College of Art & Design in 2014, with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Art History. Since then, I have worked on freelance assignments ranging from logo designs to oil portraiture. I’m open to working on a variety of projects - feel free to contact me about any ideas you might have!

About My Work

While food, feminism, diversity, and emotional sensitivity have been drawn into the national spotlight recently, many people are overlooking some very important underlying questions hidden beneath the surface of these “hot” topics. Until these questions are addressed, the hope for larger cultural change is unlikely:

In the United States, we often celebrate food in gluttonous manner, but does food also provide a type of cultural or spiritual sustenance, perhaps through the history it carries, or through the way we connect to others over it? 

On the surface, feminism seeks fiscal equality in the workplace, and behavioral changes in the way we interact with each other, but what does feminism mean for the internality and psyche of a woman who fully embraces it?

Does an acceptance of diversity first necessitate an acceptance of one’s own flaws and one’s own self? And if so, how can we help people to find that self-acceptance? 

How can we not only become sensitive to the emotions of others, but also to the emotions of our own selves?

My work resolves to explore these questions and others — while ultimately leading to one solution: a deeper sense of gratitude towards the subjects displayed. By centralizing my work around food, feminism, diversity, and emotional sensitivity, I am attempting to define the fuzzy emotions and thoughts beneath the surface of these topics. Through saturated colours, dramatic compositions, and dynamic value scales, I am shining a visual spotlight  on the parts of our lives that are often unseen and overlooked. My hope is that each viewer will walk away from my work with a readiness to celebrate aspects of their own selves and lives that they had not noticed before, allowing themselves to grow and eventually change, in ways that can benefit our society as a whole.